Expand your Website’s Reach to a Growing Number of Mobile Users by Going Mobile Responsive!

Web Design Services

Almost everyone goes online to either do some research on or look for the products and services they need. Just like walking into a physical storefront or office for the first time, the look and functionality of your website will serve as the immediate representation of the quality of the products and services you provide.

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The difference with a physical storefront is that you don’t have clerks or sales people to speak to the potential customer once he comes in. With roughly a two-second window to retain the attention of each visitor, you have to make sure that not only is your website aesthetically pleasing, it must also be user-friendly and has content that is of high quality and always up-to-date.

Responsive Web Design

Web Stream Innovations specializes in a variety of website designs, but the one we most recommend is a responsive website. Building customized, responsive websites based on the WordPress platform, we produce a site that follows all your specifications. With a mobile responsive site, your customers can enjoy and navigate your site easily regardless of the device they use, such as desktop computers and laptops, portable devices like smartphones and tablets.

As more and more people begin to rely on the convenience that handheld devices provide, it is projected that the number of people going online via their mobile phones will soon outnumber those who access the web through their desktop and laptop computers. By investing in a responsive website today, you are able to better meet the increasing online demands of your business in the present, and in the immediate future.

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Contact the Web Stream Innovations team today and we can build a responsive website for you that your customers can easily use and will appreciate. We’ll create a site for your business that will help eliminate the loss of opportunities caused by having a website that does not promote great user experience.

WordPress, the largest open source web design platform, is what we most recommend when building your mobile responsive website. It has more features and “add on” functionalities than any other design platform, and can be easily updated with new features and changes that you’ll need for your business.

Web Stream Innovations offers complete services for setting up your new website, from its installation, configuration and customization, to developing the graphic design and mockup, and all the way to providing you services like setting up of contact forms and website backup, content migration, and installation.

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